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Divorce – Real people; Real answers.

Our very own Diana J. Huntsman has answered many on-line questions about divorce and the process of divorce and you can read them at AVVO.com. Feel free to contact her or any of our other attorneys for any

Default Judgments


We often get prospective clients who have had a default judgment entered against them.  While, sometimes, we are able to help them set aside the judgment, sometimes, we cannot.  This

IRS Installment Agreements

Adam Baird PhotoFailing to find a payment solution for past due taxes with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can lead to devastating consequences.  Perhaps the most common payment arrangement people

Utah’s Asset Protection Trust, and How it Can Protect You

Chelsey Phippen PhotoThe State of Utah recently passed a unique and powerful asset protection statute. This new statute is special since only a handful of other

How Exactly Does an Offer in Compromise Work with the IRS?

An Offer in Compromise is the one and only way that the IRS will voluntarily write off back taxes owed by you or your business.  It is true that bankruptcy can discharge income taxes; however bankruptcy cannot discharge payroll

Installment Agreement

An IRS Payment Plan May Be the Best Solution For Your Tax Problem

Sometimes the best solution to your tax problem is an arrangement to pay back the taxes owed over time, in a manner that will not squash you